If you’re planning a Bat Mitzvah celebration, you’ll want to make sure the guests have unique Bat Mitzvah place cards. While it might be tempting to buy plain flat place cards for each guest, the real touch is to customize them. Instead of using a traditional invitation or thank you card, you can design your own. The following tips will help you choose the right Bat Mitzvah place cards.

For a color-themed Bat Mitzvah, consider placing place cards on the escort table. For instance, you could print a graphic of the centerpiece and include table number assignments. This way, guests can search for their seats by seeing a matching centerpiece. To make it even more unique, you can choose colorful ones that correspond with the table theme. You can even use fun shapes to accentuate the theme.

If you’re planning a Starry Night Bat Mitzvah, consider incorporating escort cards. Depending on the location of your guests’ tables, you can make them look like a constellation. You can also put table number assignments on escort cards, which are displayed vertically. This is an adorable idea, and it’s a great way to let your guests know where to sit.

The last option for creating unique Bat Mitzvah place cards is to create a theme-based escort card. This card can be a graphic representation of the centerpiece, which helps guests find their seats. The table location is a great way to keep the whole party on theme. If you have a color-themed Bat Mitzvah, you can design a caligraphied painting set and have it assigned to each guest.

Incorporate escort cards into the overall theme of the party. For example, instead of using ordinary tent cards, use escort cards designed by a professional graphic designer. These unique place cards will tell guests which table to sit at. Guests will then have a chance to match them to the color of the centerpiece. Adding a personalized message to your cards is a great way to make the event more memorable.