The Starbucks Happy Hour Card Scam has been circulating on social media sites since 2011 and reaches its climax on Mother’s Day. This promo promises a $100 gift card and lands you on a poorly designed landing page. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from this rip-off. The first step is to disable push notifications in your mobile phone app. Then, visit and search for “Happy Hour” to find the best deals.

Another way to protect yourself from the Starbucks Happy Hour Gift Card Scam is to be smart. These websites will ask you to share a link with your Facebook friends. You’ll be asked to like a fake page and post nice things about the offer. But this is a classic scam. Just don’t click on the link and don’t give your email address to anyone. In the end, they’ll just send you a spam message.

Beware of bogus promos! Some of these fake offers will claim to be from Starbucks. These sites may ask you to enter your email address. This is a scam and you won’t be able to use it. To avoid being ripped off, make sure to check the conditions and terms of the promotional offer. There are some scams that can occur, but it’s a wise choice to check out the details to make sure you’re not the victim.

If you’re not too keen on the scam, there are several ways to avoid it. The easiest way is to simply avoid Starbucks. Many people think that they can get away with a free drink from the company if they’re clever enough. The only way to be sure that you’re not being duped is to check the website you’re visiting. It might not be a legitimate site, so make sure you read all the terms before you do anything.

Scammers also try to use a link to their Facebook page to steal personal information. Some of these websites claim to represent Starbucks and other companies. The only requirement to receive free drinks is a Facebook account. To be able to access this page, you must first verify the company’s Facebook page. The company will verify your email address with a blue check mark, but there are other ways to verify that a website is genuine.

One of the most popular ways to get free drinks at Starbucks is to purchase a coupon. However, this is not always possible because the company has a rewards program. Nevertheless, you can often get a free drink when you pay with cash. In this case, you can try praying that the computer won’t fail to crash and you will receive the voucher. You can also check out the website by comparing it to the official page.

If you’re looking for a Starbucks gift card, make sure to check the website carefully. Some of the scammers have posted links to bogus pages on their Facebook pages. You must check the page’s link to ensure that it is authentic. While some of the URLs claim to be official, they are not. It’s possible to obtain a free drink from an unscrupulous company.

In the holiday season, Starbucks will offer a gift card that is bogus. The company’s social media page may look genuine, but it’s not. Its logo and photos could be stolen from the official page. Beware of the bogus offer and pray that you will get a free drink. This promotion is not real. You can’t get a Starbucks gift card from its Facebook page.

If you’re looking for a free gift card, make sure you read the fine print carefully. Most businesses don’t offer gift cards to people who like their Facebook page. It’s best to opt out of such scams and stick with the company’s official Facebook page. In addition, you can check whether the Facebook page you’re visiting is verified by checking the check mark in the corner of the page.