The Starbucks Happy Hour Card Scam is not a new one. The coffee giant has been running Happy Hours since 2010, with most of these deals involving free Frappuccino drinks. These deals often feature discounts of 50 percent or more, and can be very tempting, especially if you’re celebrating a birthday. To avoid this, follow these simple steps:

If you want to take advantage of Happy Hour for free beverages, visit your local Starbucks and present your invitation to a barista. Once your card is scanned, you can purchase any drink at the cafe. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be rewarded with points for your next purchase. You can also use your Stars for other purchases, such as drinks at Starbucks.

If you’d rather pay for your drink, consider using a Starbucks Rewards card instead. You can use your card to get discounts at participating places and earn rewards. You can also earn stars when paying with participating payment methods, like a credit or debit card. The rewards program automatically loads new offers to your account as you make purchases, so you can redeem them easily.

Happy Hour is an incredibly popular way to save money at a coffee chain. For a limited time, customers can buy a grande espresso drink and a larger hot chocolate for half off the regular price. The promotion is available every day until closing time. On Friday and Saturday, the deal repeats, but you must receive an invitation first. In addition to a coupon or deal, Happy Hour may also offer special promotions. Most recently, the company was offering 50% off espresso-based beverages.

In order to get a free drink, you need to purchase it from a Starbucks retailer. In order to qualify, you must present the coupon at a participating store. The offers are automatically added to your account after you have purchased the gift card. You can also use the coffee to pay for a meal. This way, you can get your free coffee with a discount.

If you’re looking for a gift certificate for a happy hour, you can get one through the website. There are many scams online, but there are a few that are worth it. The first is the most common and most popular way to get the card. Once you enter your card information, you can purchase a card. Another method is to pay with your smartphone. You must show the QR code at the cashier’s scanner to receive your free coffee.

The most common scammers use the Starbucks Happy Hour program to trick consumers into buying their coffee. The scams include the ‘free’ coffee gift cards that are not real. To avoid the scams, you must be able to find a legitimate coffee chain. There are many ways to get a free drink from a local coffee shop. You can search for it on Google or in a newspaper.

It’s a popular Starbucks holiday promotion that offers free espresso, tea, or frappuccino drinks. In some cases, the discount is so good that you can even get them at half price. Sometimes, you can find a freebie coupon online, but if you’re a lucky one, you’ll probably never have a chance to spend it.

A Starbucks happy hour is a special event where customers can buy an espresso drink for half price or more. The promo is only available for a few days and runs through Christmas day. For the rest of the month, there’s a BOGO promotion that runs for three consecutive days. But it’s not really a real deal if you can’t find a Starbucks near you.

The Starbucks Happy Hour is a popular promotion. The coffee company has over 15 million users who have used the program. In fact, it’s not hard to get a $100 gift card. You can buy them in bulk and save some money. But if you’re not careful, they’ll be useless for you. They’re only for scammers who don’t want to risk your money.