The Simmons-Cohen family celebrated their son Sean’s Bar Mitzvah on July 4, 2015. The service was held at Congregation B’nai Israel in Freeport, New York, and the party was held at Oceanside Jewish Center in Oceanside, New York. The family was inspired by Sean’s love of games and the idea of using a game show theme for the Bar Mitzvah celebration. The table card for the event included personalized game pieces for each guest and the table designation. Afterward, the guests entered cocktail hour, where they were greeted with specialty drinks including Gummy Bear Kir Royales and Pop Rocks Martinis.

Messages for bar/bat mitzvah table cards include messages of congratulations, blessings, or pride. Depending on the theme, these ideas can be separated and combined for a more unique message. The Yiddish phrase “mazel tov” (good luck) is often a short, sweet, and meaningful message for bar/bat mitzvah parties. For a shorter message, try using the phrase “Good Luck!”

Choosing a charity to support is an excellent way to get your child involved with a worthy cause. Depending on your child’s interests, you may wish to choose a nonprofit that is related to the birthday boy or girl’s school. Alternatively, you may opt to contribute to a Jewish organization or a social cause that is close to his or her heart. If the birthday boy or girl is an animal lover, you could donate to a local sanctuary, or to the zoo or Jewish community.

Another fun theme for a bar mitzvah is a game show. The idea of a fun gallery opening was cleverly played up by Kehoe Events. They used black and white images of the guest of honor in cool places. They also used black and white photos of the hostess in a range of cool locations. These games are a fun way to celebrate the occasion.

Themes that are popular with bar/bat mitzvahs include games, religious significance and social cause. Typically, messages on these cards are short and simple and should be easy to understand. The message can be a simple “good luck” or a congratulation, or a witty message. You can also include a message based on the child’s interests.

For a fun party, consider the table card. If the event has a theme, you can customize the tables to reflect the game show’s theme. If the party is themed around a game show, the bar mitzvah game cards should reflect the theme’s participants’ interests. A table card can contain information about the games and the host’s favorite TV shows. For example, a bar mitzvah gift might be a sports memorabilia, or a donation in the name of a favorite charity.

Another great idea is to create a table card that represents the bar mitzvah’s gift exchange. These cards are a great way to thank friends and family for their gifts. The kids can also exchange their presents, such as cufflinks and earrings. You can make the gifts more personal by including them in the cards. This will also help the guests remember the day. In addition to the gift giving, the tables can have the party’s theme on them.

Creating a table card that reflects the bar mitzvah’s gifts is a great way to celebrate the birthday boy. If the celebration is a family affair, make sure the parents are prepared to discuss the kids’ educational goals. If the party is a fundraiser, consider making a fun-filled table card that includes gift cards for the guests. If the bar mitzvah is a religious celebration, it is also worth mentioning the tradition of being observant.

If the bar mitzvah party has a game show theme, the table card should feature an appropriate prize for the bar mitzvah. While money is an acceptable gift, it is not the best gift. It does not have a meaningful connection to Judaism. Therefore, you should consider gifts carefully and choose the one that fits the party’s theme. In some cases, money is the most appropriate gift, but it is not the only one.