Can Walmart Thanksgiving associate discount be used for gift cards? Yes, you can! This promotion offers employees a free Thanksgiving meal and a 15% discount on certain items. However, you cannot use your associate discount to buy gifts for family and friends. In such cases, Walmart will send you additional gift cards and send them to your relatives. So, you can share the savings with your friends and family. The program also includes a referral program so you can earn extra money with your referrals.

If you’re a Walmart Associate, you can save even more money at the store. This card allows you to get 10% off a wide variety of products. This discount is good only for products purchased in the store, and doesn’t apply to fresh produce, regular-priced general merchandise, and groceries, except in Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can also find other discounts on travel, cell phone contracts, and other goods in the associate discount center.

A Walmart Associate discount card will allow you to save money on thousands of brands. The discounts are available online and at the associate discount center. You can use the card to buy gift cards or shop for groceries. And if you want to buy gas, you can load a gift card with the discount for $0.03 per gallon. This is a huge savings for associates. You can also use your gift card to fill up your tank.

Walmart associate discount card is valid for new hires and their dependents. You can use this card to buy groceries, furniture, and more. The company also gives away gift cards to associates. You can also use the card for purchases in stores and online. You can also use the gift cards you receive for Thanksgiving to give to family members. You can purchase any kind of product you like with the help of this card.

Walmart associate discount card is valid only for the cardholder. However, you can apply for an additional one for your spouse or other relative. This discount card is issued by Capital One. So, the benefits can be used for both in-store purchases and online purchases. With the help of a Walmart associate discount card, you can save a lot of money! When buying gift cards, it is worth not only the money you save, but the privileges as well.

The Walmart associate discount is good for gift cards. It is valid for gift certificates that can be used at any Walmart location in the United States. You can also give it as a gift to your family and friends. The associate discount is valid only on purchases made in a store’s own state. The discounts can be applied to gifts that you buy in another country or from the store’s own online store.

If you need to buy gift cards, a Walmart associate discount card is an excellent choice. The Walmart Associate discount card can be used for any purchases, including online purchases. You can use the discount card for any purpose, but you must remember that it expires after a year. The benefits of this program can be transferred to a loved one upon death. So, you may want to check this out to ensure you get the best deal possible.

During Thanksgiving, you can use the Walmart associate discount to purchase gifts for your family and friends. It is not necessary to use your associate discount to purchase gift cards. You can use it to buy food and other items, but be aware that the associate discount is only valid once a year. This does not apply to holiday decorations. A Walmart employee’s discount card will last forever. You can also buy the same item in multiple locations using the same card.

A Walmart associate discount can be used to purchase gifts for family and friends. You can also use it to purchase gifts for loved ones. As an associate, you can use it to purchase Walmart gift cards and get a 20% off coupon for any item you want to buy. By using this card, you will be able to save a lot of money on your purchases. So, make sure to check out the Walmart Thanksgiving discount website and start saving today!