One of the easiest birthday gift card box ideas is to make your own. You can buy a template and follow it step by step. Then, fold and tape the four circles together. Once the tops are taped on, unfold and insert your cards. Another great idea is to use a taller jar or container. In addition to a jar, you can also place the cards inside a cupcake. Here are some great ideas for making your own holder.

For a creative gift card box, try using a recycled product. A kraft paper bag is a great option. Or, you could try making a DIY sweater gift card holder. This is based on the holiday sweater craze. Simply cut a hole in the sweater’s neck and create a paperclip hanger. You can then tie the gift cards onto the hanger. This idea is especially appropriate for clothing store gift cards.

If you are not very crafty, you can print out a free template for a sleigh gift box. The template has multiple templates that you can use to make a unique gift box. All you need to do is print it out, cut it, glue candy cane rails, and your gift is ready. You can make this gift box for any age. All you need is some paper and scissors. Your child will be thrilled!

If you’re looking for a gift card holder that’s a little more creative, try making a printable sleigh. This gift holder is not only easy to make, but looks cool as well. You can download a template for a sleigh here. Once you’ve printed it, cut it out and fold it. Glue candy cane rails on the front and use the sleigh template to make a unique gift card holder.

You can also make your own birthday gift card box. You can use a printable sleigh template or purchase one online. The printable sleigh holder template has multiple templates and looks complicated. To make the sleigh, print it, fold it, and glue the candy cane rails. Then you can decorate the sleigh with confetti. You can even make a printable sleigh gift card holder for a foodie.

If you’re a teenager, consider a cool gift card holder. Instead of a straight-edged holder, use a cute shape. For example, a donut-shaped sleigh is a cute gift card holder. Or, you could make a sweater gift card holder out of an ugly sweater. You can tie it on a hanger and add a card to it.

If you’re the foodie in your life, consider a printable sleigh gift card holder. This is an excellent gift holder and looks beautiful. You can even print it yourself. It’s easy to make and will look great on the shelf. And it’s versatile, so it’s a great way to customize it for a foodie. You can print a sleigh card holder for any type of gift.

Another option is to make a gift certificate box from a printable template. This will require a bit of DIY skills. You’ll need a template and a pop-up card holder. These gifts are easy to make and can be personalized. You can use any kind of gift certificate for your gift card. Just remember that it must be a sleigh for a sleigh. This is a good choice for a gift certificate box.

The gift card holder for a foodie is another great idea. This printable gift card holder from the Printable Crush website features a foodie-themed card. The foodie will appreciate the edible sleigh and love the confetti inside. You can even use this idea for any other kind of gift card. It’s up to you! And remember to give your recipient a surprise with a beautiful, thoughtful, and practical birthday gift-card box.

Besides a latte gift card holder, you can also make a mitten-shaped gift card holder. This gift holder would be perfect for any kind of gift card. You can also use it to hold a Starbucks gift card. You can customize the holder by choosing a design you like. For the younger sibling, you can make a latte-shaped box.